Aaron Lomax, Data Centre Manager at M247 outlines what our Manchester data centre has to offer including: location, on-site security, resilience, flexibility, scalability and on-site customer facilities.


We are here at M247’s secure data facility in the Tech Hub in Manchester.

A data centre is effectively a facility that houses, manages, processes and stores data.
On-site here we have a plethora of expertise across both the mechanical and electrical engineering standpoints, but also from the hosting.

Location is a key thing to consider, how easy the site is to access.
We’re in the middle of Manchester, of the fastest growing tech hubs in the North.
We offer a lot of resilience, in terms of our data centres here.
We are N+1 on our UPS back-up systems, with a 10 minute autonomy time on batteries.
We also have N+1 on generators, with a 24 hour run-time in terms of fuel and we run A and B resilient power-feeds in for customers.

Security is another factor to consider.
We have a secure gate compound here. We have security staff on-site. We also have Paxton Access to enable you to through doors safely and securely.

Scalability and flexibility.
We have the means and the technical expertise to adapt to your needs and we can grow with your needs and in terms of providing solutions we can adapt really, really quickly and provide you with what you need.

We as a business here are continually investing in our sites and facilities.
We offer quarter, half and full rack solutions for customers. We also have dedicated customer break-rooms and build-room facilities, managed service cabling and customer delivery acceptance and storage facilities on site.

In terms of connectivity we are carrier neutral here meaning that whoever your internet provider is, you can come to us.

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