With the rise of cyber criminals, ransomware, and the looming threats from the dark web, the surge in cybersecurity risks has become a huge threat to businesses as our world undergoes rapid digitisation. Understanding the risks is a crucial step towards empowering your business to navigate cyber threats effectively. Once armed with this knowledge, together, we craft a strategic action plan to manage and mitigate the identified risks proactively.

Understand and optimise your security strategy

Based on insights from Gartner, engaging in Cyber Security Management has the potential to slash cyber security incidents stemming from misconfigurations by an impressive 80%. M247 has designed its Manged Cyber Security solution with a dedicated focus on Microsoft 365. Leveraging cutting-edge Solace Cyber technology, we conduct ongoing evaluations of your Microsoft 365 tenant’s security posture. This involves comprehensive assessments covering mail flow hardening, identity security, security recommendations, and monitoring historical as well as real-time malicious activities. The end result is fortified protection and security for all business applications utilizing Azure Active Directory.

  • Microsoft 365 health check
  • Microsoft 365 security hardening
  • Cyber real-time risk platform
  • Cyber Cloud XDR
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M247 Managed Cyber Security Includes:

  • Integration with all M365 and Azure alerts
  • Protect and secure any application that makes use of Azure Active Directory
  • Continual inbox and IP monitoring
  • Geographical risks that are informed by real-time threat intelligence feeds
  • Phishing detection and reporting, enabling your users as a source of threat intelligence
  • User behaviour and malicious activity monitoring

How we work with you

Consult Design Build Manage Monitor

How we work with you


We identify your needs and business challenges and feed these in to our Technical design authority.


We ensure that your business gets the right products configured in the right way to meet your bespoke needs.


We are experts in creating your solution and will provide a dedicated service to your business.


We simplify the management of your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to focus on other business critical tasks.


24/7/365 proactive monitoring and management by our experienced technical experts.

Our current IT setup was working fine but we were aware that our ageing IT infrastructure needed replacing and with a single point of failure, there was no failover. If any of our kit failed, we would be offline until the problem could be fixed. The cost of replacing our entire IT infrastructure would have been extremely expensive, so we were keen to work with our IT support team at M247 to find an alternative approach to our infrastructure needs.

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