Step 1: Build your UC strategy from the ground up

Start by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the people you want to connect with.

Step 2: How to choose the best UC solutions for your business

Critical considerations when choosing the right UC solution include user, organisational and customer needs.

As well as technical, financial, and business factors.

Step 3: Teach and train

Empower users to get the most from your UC tools.

Implement a phased rollout.

Ensure there are plenty of training opportunities and ongoing support after launch.

Step 4: Analyse customer behaviour and act on feedback

Utilise and analyse feedback.

Look at data relating to customer queries, contact points, communication channels and sentiment analysis.

Step 5: Don’t ever think it’s done

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and with it are customer expectations.

To ensure your business’s UC plans to continue serve the needs of your customers, it’s vital to ensure technology and expectations align.


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