Multi-tier environment to ensure the best stability, features, speed, and uptime for members’ websites.

With M247 Colocation, the customer owns the server and they rent the facility and network expertise. M247 provides the infrastructure and internet access to the server.

M247 Colocation allows customers to place their server(s) in M247’s datacentre and benefit from sharing the costs of the physical infrastructure.

How it works

  • The customer owns the hardware, is responsible for the server’s software and content, whilst M247 provides the physical, network and environmental conditions for the server to work properly. This sharing of resources costs considerably less than setting up a comparable service locally in the customer’s office.
  • Once the customer has a server set up, they physically take it to the location of the colocation provider and install it in a comms rack.

M247 provides space, security, power and cooling to the server, as well as network services such as IP addresses, internet bandwidth and a range of chargeable, managed ‘remote hands’ service.


  • Scalability across your entire network
  • Flexibility to instantly scale up or down
  • Cost-efficiency of physical infrastructure and network capacity

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