Call recording is becoming an increasingly crucial part of business operations.

There are various reasons why businesses record calls, from training and quality to improve customer experience, evidential, through to regulatory.

Call recording is the ability to capture conversations on inbound and outbound calls to your business encrypting and securely storing them in The Cloud.

GDPR Call Recording

Not all conversations are the same.  GDPR aims to protect a person’s personal data. Call recordings containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fall under the scope of GDPR.  PII can range from a name, telephone number, email address to sensitive information such as bank details or health issues.

There are a number of call recording options available to your business:

  • Standard
  • GDPR Assist
  • GDPR Assist Automate

Call recording features and benefits:

OPEX model No cost of CPE Call recording box therefore with no upfront capital costs.
Fixed monthly price No hidden or unexpected costs like additional storage costs
Rapid deployment Deploys in days not months
Unlimited Scalability Enables service providers to remove technical and financial barriers, giving the ability to offer call recording as a standard service to ALL users.
Super Secure Extensive storage Recording is encrypted and stored in unlimited capacity AWS Cloud platform.
Fully redundant  

Designed to leverage the inherent technologies within cloud to provide an unlimited scalable, multi-redundant and highly resilient solution.

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