Our new core network will unlock the huge potential of 5G and provide our customers with advanced services and capabilities to benefit from now, and into the future. 


“The future is exciting and promises an abundance of possibilities. 

And a key consideration to ensure your business makes the most of these opportunities is the reliability and speed of your connectivity. 

5G has the potential to supercharge businesses by helping to facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and IoT. 

But these advancements will create huge data volumes. Meaning, without the right infrastructure your systems will struggle. 

And because taking advantage of next generation connectivity and cloud will be fundamental to your growth, M247 have made a multi million pound investment into overhauling and redesigning our legacy network from the ground up. 

Our new core network will unlock the huge potential of 5G and provide our customers with advanced services, next generation applications and capabilities that their end users will benefit from now, and into the future. 

It’s a doorway to next level technology that unleashes huge growth potential, because this new cutting edge foundation provides ultra high availability, the lowest latency and a carrier grade UK network that outperforms our competition’s.  

All underpinned with five star support and market leading SLAs. 

Innovation is woven into our DNA at M247. All of the investments we make and advances we take are with you, our customer in mind. Increasing productivity, enhancing end user experience and helping you to grow faster than your competitors.  

So, choose a future where you grow and thrive with M247.”


Find our more about M247 Connectivity options including SD-WAN, MPLS and DIA.


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