A LAN connects computers on a single site together enabling systems to communicate with each other, also offering internet breakout via connectivity options such as eased lines or wireless leased lines

WAN Solutions


Most businesses will require a WAN if they have multiple sites, to enable their computing estate to function and communicate. Typically, WAN’s are employed where there are two or more geographically diverse LANs.


It is a large private network of different sites, giving all sites access to the same IT services, communication tools like VoIP or ensuring data is stored in one place. These sites can be connected over varying methods and technologies. WANs can vary in how secure they are dependent upon the needs of the business.


M247 WAN options


MPLS IPVPN stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network. The MPLS element is the technology that is employed to create the IPVPN, also known as a private network.


A site-to-site IPVPN built on MPLS creates private tunnels, that allow an entire WAN to be enclosed by the same network boundaries and protected by the same firewalls.


MPLS IPVPN provides a robust security solution for transmitting highly sensitive data around a network, such as private financial details which need to be processed via electronic payment systems, as it never touches the internet.

MPLS IPVPN offers:

  • Intelligent routing to maximise efficiency and performance throughout the network
  • Quality of service that can be achieved for voice and video communications for a smooth and jitter free experience with real-time communications platforms
  • Platform agnostic to future proof your network, sites can run different last mile connectivity solutions for differing needs
  • Allow multi-site businesses to share IP services, and data, via our high bandwidth core network
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Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help boost your private network versatility in a way which supports more flexible approaches to working and is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst businesses.


A common misconception is that SD-WAN may replace traditional MPLS IPVPN solutions, but this is not necessarily the case. SD-WAN’s role is to deliver more hands-on control of your network, allowing you to steer traffic to business applications effectively, across the connectivity that is available to you.



Hybrid WAN encompasses the best of MPLS IPVPN and SD-WAN combined.


A key benefit is the balance between quality of service and cost. MPLS IPVPN guarantees quality of voice and video communications, but as video becomes increasingly popular, bandwidth costs in an MPLS network can increase.


Overlaying SD-WAN, configured to allocate bandwidth according to the needs of different services, increases efficiency and lowers overall cost.

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How we work with you


We identify your needs and business challenges and feed these in to our Technical design authority.


We ensure that your business gets the right products configured in the right way to meet your bespoke needs.


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We simplify the management of your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to focus on other business critical tasks.


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Global network coverage

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