Backup connectivity with Wireless Leased Lines 

An internet outage, even for seconds, could be catastrophic for your business.

Dropped calls, the failure of cloud-based infrastructure and the loss of team communications would be disastrous.

Let alone the loss of revenue, customer trust and reputation.

Despite this, many businesses just like you fail to realise the massive implications of lost connectivity and fail to put measures in place before it’s too late.

So, how can your business ensure resilience in your internet connectivity? By implementing a secondary backup connection.

In an outage, the failover connection takes over to ensure business continuity.

The good news is that wireless is one of the best solutions for resilience.

There is no digging, no cables, and it provides business-grade leased lines of up to 10 Gigabits per second.

And because it’s separate from your primary connection, you get the resilience you need if the worst happens.

Protect your business’s critical internet connection with a resilient wireless backup.

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