Managed, future proofed & flexible system with low cost IP calling and no costly equipment

We understand all businesses are different and have different needs when it comes to it’s telephony solutions, even internally business functions can vary between departments and users don’t all need the same level of service features or call time. We’ve taken the pain and complexity out of finding the right solution which means you won’t ever need to buy too much or too little when investing in your voice solution. Our pick and mix options enables you to choose the right mix of call functions, handsets and call rates in 3 simple steps:

  • Pick your user licences
  • Pick your handsets (or not)
  • Pick your call minutes

In addition to this we will even pool all your call minutes giving you a buffer should one of your users exceed their call minutes and at no extra cost to your business. It’s quick and easy to flex your choices in line with your ever-changing business needs and should you find yourself needing richer feature sets such as call recording and analysis tools we can provide these too.

Who would benefit from Hosted Telephony

Businesses irrespective of size that need to make inbound and outbound calls requiring flexibility of service needs without the need to invest in new equipment and who needs a view of their fixed monthly outgoings.


  • Built-in reliability with independence from 3rd parties
  • Queuing for consistently dependable performance levels of VoIP services and other time-sensitive applications
  • Simplified management
  • Extended feature set without additional licenses and costs
  • Seamless deployment

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