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Munich, Germany


6 weeks

Our customer

Headquartered in Munich, Prisma Analytics combines the power of big data analysis and artificial intelligence together. Having developed a revolutionary technology that enables companies to make use of vast amounts of data to deliver actionable insight for critical business decisions. This data driven knowledge is being used to set the standard for unbiased, reality-driven decision-making.

The challenge

Big Data drives results accuracy, increasing consumption and performance Prisma Analytics offer timely and actionable insights that empower evidence-based decision-making, seizing opportunities and finding trends based on their Quantum Relations Machine analysis of Big Data. The success and accuracy of their algorithm is linked to the volume of data being analysed, more data yields greater results, which requires higher computer resource and consumption. Prisma Analytics found their business to be growing quickly, as the product algorithm (and customer successes) were easy to scale. They required support to ensure best-in-class performance for their worldwide customer base and a flexible finance solution that could support their growing business needs.

Key points

  • Bespoke IaaS solution delivered within industry-leading timescales
  • Our experts worked with Prisma Analytics tech team to ensure the solution was robust and answered all current and future demands
  • Uptime SLA of 6 x 9’s (99.9999%) guaranteed
  • Ongoing technical and account management enabled Prisma Analytics to focus on business market plans and capitalise on expansion
  • High level capital investment was undertaken by M247, so Prisma Analytics were not governed by internal budget restrictions

"We required support from a provider who could ensure best-in-class performance for Prisma Analytics global customer base. At the same time as being able to replicate the solution for multiple simultaneous projects in order to futureproof against the growing demands being placed on the business. As a relatively young company with limited inhouse expertise in the technical infrastructure design and development, we needed the support of a provider who would work with us, to guide us and deliver the best solution possible."

Hardy F. Schloer CTO, Prisma Analytics

Our solution

Finding an innovative solution for Big Data information processing

Finding an innovative solution for Big Data information processing M247 were required to deliver a solution that would ensure best-in-class performance for Prisma Analytics, as well as the ability to replicate the solution for multiple projects simultaneously.


Having reviewed the requirements, M247 advised that the most suitable solution for Prisma Analytics was to implement a bespoke Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This solution supported the need to be able to run processing tasks on very powerful hardware with the added benefit of having the most powerful storage system.


This enabled Prisma Analytics to be innovative without restriction of systems or finances as the heavy was investment was made by M247. Being able to operate without restriction meant they could greatly accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

The technical solution consisted of a database cluster of 224 cores running a custom database solution, and a very powerful Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 storage system delivering around 600,000 IOPS consistently.


Bespoke, future-proofed IaaS solution

While Prisma Analytics manage their applications and servers, M247 provides and manages the network infrastructure from its secure data centre in Bucharest. Our team, working together with our world-class technology partners, have ensured full installation of both the computing and storage solutions.


In addition, M247 have migrated Prisma Analytics’ current infrastructure to our data centre and integrated their networking infrastructure into our premises. As part of the solution, M247 is responsible for ensuring Prisma Analytics gigabit network remains live and any issues or failures are responded to and resolved as efficiently as possible.


The full service is delivered against a monthly fixed cost, which includes all maintenance and repair costs – this enables the Prisma Analytics technical team to focus on their business algorithm and growth strategy.


Working collaboratively the solution is tailored to their specific needs right now, but is also scalable to align with any future changes to application and database needs.


“We were blown away by the speed at which M247 turned our request around. From initial brief to go live took only 6 weeks. During this time their technical team worked with us to understand our needs and challenged us to think about the future needs of the business too. From this they helped to create a truly bespoke solution designed specifically for Prisma Analytics – and when we were happy, they implemented it in just 2 weeks!”

Hardy F. Schloer CTO, Prisma Analytics

The result

Disseminate data faster on a global scale

Thanks to the M247 solution, Prisma Analytics has a best-performance infrastructure that can process and disseminate data in a faster timeframe across a resilient network. This enables Prisma Analytics to market their award-winning technologies and to deliver their solution to businesses worldwide.

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