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International Insurance Services Specialist


Healthcare insurance


Scalable and flexible solution to cope with the growth in data


Bucharest, Romania


Private Cloud, Connectivity, MPLS


As an international insurance services specialist, with an important role in the ecosystem of healthcare insurance in Romania, our client’s ambition was to ensure scalability and agility within their operations of large and complex amount of data. Undertaking a two-step migration, resulted in a purpose-built private cloud, which offered our client a highly flexible and scalable solution.

We consolidated a hybrid infrastructure into a single fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment. Completed by premium level security in a single tenant environment and 24/7 support, we were able to ensure high availability and redundancy. Allowing our client to focus on their digital innovation strategy.


Customer overview

One of Europe’s largest financial services companies, our client has been specialising in insurance for over 100 years. With a revenue of close to €10Bn and more than 13,000 employees worldwide, it is a major player across dozens of markets, providing a wide range of insurance products for a number of industry verticals. In Romania, the company has risen to prominence over the last decade providing healthcare insurance services. With regional headquarters in Bucharest, it has played a significant role in boosting Romania’s private healthcare market and has established itself as an important player in the ecosystem.

Customer Challenge

One of the key objectives of digital transformation for our client was establishing efficient, fit-for-purpose data management systems that would allow them to deliver a better customer experience.The company had amassed large amounts of data and built up a powerful premises-based IT system to manage critical applications. Looking for an infrastructure solution with the scalability and flexibility to cope with the growth in its data assets, our client also invested in a private cloud to run in conjunction with its on-premise systems. But a combination of ongoing growth and rapid changes in technology meant they needed to boost the agility and dependency of that infrastructure.

Key points

  • Phased migration to a private cloud
  • Consolidated hybrid infrastructure into a single IaaS environment
  • Highly flexible and scalable solution
  • Fully managed to allow client to focus on digital innovation
  • 24/7 support leading to high availability and redundancy
  • Premium level security in a single tenant environment

"M247 helped us to achieve all of our expectations - lowering our capital expenditure on IT, improving security and availability, increasing flexibility and scalability, improving our digital offer to our customers. We’ve seen a great deal of benefit not only from the solutions they recommended and put in place for us, but from their thorough and reliable ongoing technical support too."

Customer Goal

In order to deliver the digitally enhanced experience they wanted, our client had a clear view of the infrastructure architecture required to meet their business needs. Their focus was on reducing capital expenditure, improving stability and redundancy, and achieving the scalability and flexibility that would allow them to focus on the core business rather than IT capabilities. At the heart of all of this, they wanted a single provider capable of managing the entire infrastructure and one who could consult and advise on the technical solutions.

M247 Solution

M247’s recommendation was to lead a phased migration of the company’s entire IT infrastructure over to a private cloud IaaS, run from our European data centres.


We built a complete virtualised environment on VMware for our client, knowing it would be able to deliver a highly scalable solution that would easily accommodate the volumes of data required, as well as offering a diverse range of applications. Moreover, the resources available could be changed via simple configuration going forward, allowing the company’s IT assets to grow organically in line with business need. Eradicating concerns over upgrading hardware and storage. M247 were able to provide the entire solution, from circuits to firewalls to the virtual machines, simplifying the management to improve resiliency and redundancy.

Results and benefits

Having completed both stages of a phased deployment of their custom built IaaS private cloud, our client was soon reporting clear operational benefits. They were impressed by the boost to efficiency they saw once everything was running via a single cloud environment, rather than distributed across a hybrid mix of on premise and virtual servers. This also improved the scalability and flexibility they were looking for.


M247’s IaaS solution has allowed them to focus on raising QoS and driving forward innovation to their digital customer experience.


Another great benefit has been the round-the-clock technical support M247 have provided. Offering guidance and support on everything from system security to configuring updates to monitoring and repairing system issues. With the reduced capital expenditure and added cost efficiencies of a fully managed service, our client has achieved all of the key objectives for the transformation they set out at the start of the project.

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