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Premium Choice


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Wolverhampton, UK


IaaS & DRaaS

Customer overview

Premium Choice are an insurance brokerage firm who have traded for over 20 years. Their primary objective is to provide car, van and bike enthusiasts a genuine choice of quality and affordable motor insurance, backed up by first-class customer service at all times.

An ageing IT infrastructure and processes, including manual data backup to tapes, was hindering Premium Choice’s objective to offer first-class customer service in the event of a disaster. M247 created a bespoke Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution and our dedicated Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) platform for Premium Choice, delivered via our 247Cloud™ to ensure the highest levels of security and provide RTO/RPO within minutes.

Customer challenge

Ageing hardware was presenting problems in meeting the businesses' desire to ensure that they could continue to successfully trade and uphold the highest level of customer service, in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, Premium Choice wanted to ensure that any data being used whilst invoking business continuity plans would be as up to date as possible. Historic systems revolved around nightly backups, meaning in the event of a disaster up to 24 hours’ worth of data could be lost. This would cause delays to business and the ability to serve customers and would need to undergo a costly process of manual recovery.

Key points

  • Customer Goal: A solution that would enable real-time recovery of data
  • M247 Solution: IaaS and DRaaS
  • Results: Premium Choice recover data and applications in minutes rather than hours

“Implementing a solution of this scale was hard work, but the team at M247 worked in collaboration with us every step of the way. The solution we have now is a complete tick list of best of breed technologies, giving us the confidence that we could continue to function in any scenario. Meaning we can also focus our daily efforts into improving our products and services for customers rather than worrying about ‘what ifs’.”

Seb Haynes Head of IT, Premium Choice

Customer goal

Premium Choice needed a solution that would enable real-time recovery of data (or as close as possible) and to ensure the business could continue to function in the event of a disaster. The key aim of this new solution was the ability to continue offering the highest levels of customer service at all times, to achieve this we required a solution that minimised data loss and downtime.

Our solution

M247 developed a bespoke IaaS platform using best of breed technology to provide both point-in-time backup and restore capability, as well as deliver a disaster recovery solution optimised to sub-minute levels.

Utilising their own tier 3 data centre M247 provided a dedicated Disaster Recovery environment, a solution underpinned by technology partner Zerto, and delivered via 247Cloud™.

Implementing a solution of this scale and complexity was challenging, but the technical and account management teams at M247 took a collaborative approach, working hard to ensure they fully understood Premium Choice’ requirements and could deliver a solution that would meet them.

Results and benefits

Utilising M247’s DRaaS solution, Premium Choice are now able to operate with the confidence that if there was ever an issue with their on-site IT infrastructure, they will be able to recover data and applications in minutes rather than hours. Meaning customer service is not impacted.

Active recovery testing was implemented to give Premium Choice the reassurance of the timescales involved in a full end to end recovery, a process that can be achieved in as little as twelve minutes with only ten seconds of data loss. Delivering well within their one-minute requirement.


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