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Our excellent Flexible Hosted VoIP Telephony solution provides businesses of all sizes full end to end business quality voice solutions.

M247 offer a fully hosted and managed voice telephony solution giving you all of the benefits of a PBX system that is accessible via any configured VoIP device worldwide. It is available 24 hours per day giving your business peace of mind, without paying for expensive equipment and maintenance costs.

As a hosted service, the solution is future proofed and is a ‘quick to deploy’ solution. M247’s VoIP 24/7/365 SLA is ONLY available with one of M247’s connectivity solutions, so that we can guarantee the enabling network is configured correctly to support the number of VoIP users and to prioritise VoIP traffic over other types of network traffic, such as web-browse or email

Product benefits:

  • Scalability – as your business grows it is easy to add new people to Hosted telephony solutions
  • Flexible – you can add and subtract features, functions and users as your business needs
  • Future Proofing – State of the art feature rich portfolio of additional products allows you to introduce new functionality as needed to assist your business needs
  • Multisite or mobile workforce enablement – calls can be made and received from any location, there are no geographic constraints
  • Agile Working – employees are no longer constrained to a static desk phone at the same time you can have full visibility of your call management and can flex your staff as needed
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – calls can be re-routed in disaster scenarios thereby being an integral part of your Business Continuity planning
  • Speed of Deployment – much faster order to commissioning timescales than traditional telephony solutions, typically 5 days for a brand new deployment*

Features and benefits of Flexi Voice

  • Broadsoft PBX Platform – world renowned proven technology, reliable, function and feature rich
  • Team Presence – know who is available to take calls even when working at separate locations
  • Customer configurable – add subtract amend users
  • Free Site to site calls – costs savings
  • Number Portability – customers can keep their existing phone numbers
  • Softphone option – enables agile working, accessing your voice telephony from anywhere in the world


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*Does not include number porting


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