All the benefits of a traditional leased line service, with a faster installation time and no wires

How does M247’s wireless connectivity work and what are the benefits for your business? Find out answers to these frequently asked questions below.

What is M247’s wireless capacity?

  • From 10Mbps to 2Gbps Leased Line Services
  • From 10Mbps to 10Gbps Offnet P2P

How does M247’s wireless connectivity work?

  • M247 have numerous wireless Points of Presence (PoP’s) in multiple locations, all of which have high capacity backhaul to the M247 core network
  • M247 surveyors conduct Line of Sight (LoS) checks to confirm visibility to the M247 PoPs and install locations on the end users building
  • The wireless equipment is installed on the PoP site and the end users building, then it is aligned by M247’s in-house engineering team
  • Unlike fibre leased lines, our wireless connections do not require planning permission, so once the install is approved for the building there is no further waiting for getting our customers connected

Why should I consider a wireless connection?

  • Great for point-to-point (P2P) connections, as the narrow and precise beams mean the service will not be interrupted by other equipment in the surrounding area, and vice versa
  • Unlike fibre leased lines, wireless does not need to bounce from exchange to exchange, it transmits from the end users premises and is transferred onto our low latency core network as soon as it hits the PoP site
  • Our fast and low-key installations, mean you can get connected quickly and it does not damage the aesthetics of the building
  • True business resilience: having a connection in the ground and through the air is one of the only ways business connectivity can be truly resilient. If a road is dug up and damages fibre cables, this would not impact our wireless connection
  • Upgrading is easy, and in the majority of cases customers can be upgraded within 3-5 working days. Sometimes without the need for any engineering visits

Will I lose my connection in bad weather?

Absolutely not, all of our wireless connections are installed to the highest standard, and installed to a minimum of 99.95% availability.

All our equipment is installed with the latest innovations to ensure that our customers stay connected, regardless of the weather – rain, sleet or snow.

What requirements need to be met?

  • Line of Sight (LoS) is the main requirement. Our in-house surveying team visit all potential connections to ensure there are no obstructions in the skyline, so that our radio links can meet our very strict requirements to ensure no packet loss* on the connection
  • Roof top access is preferred but not always necessary as we have our own fleet of cherry pickers to get to those hard to reach places. Provided the LoS is clear, we have equipment to cater for distances of 18km+ from our PoP site locations

What is the lead time?

Typically in under 25 working days**

How do M247 process the order internally?

  • Once we are aware of the request, our wireless team will complete a desktop survey to check there is capacity at our PoP for a new connection. The desktop survey will also check the surrounding area to gauge whether we will achieve LoS and gives our field surveying team the preferred PoP site
  • After the order is placed, engineers will attend a site survey to confirm LoS and install location. In the rare instance that this cannot be obtained, the order can be cancelled free of charge

Are there different names for wireless?

  • Some customers refer to it as microwave or radio
  • Sometimes wireless is referred to as satellite, this is a completely different type of service and is not something M247 offers to its clients. Our services are delivered on P2P directional equipment, meaning it’s pointed at the buildings not at the sky

The key business benefits

  • Bandwidth between 10Mbps and 2Gbps
  • Dedicated connectivity for your business
  • Superfast installation – typically in under 25 working days*
  • Fixed installation costs
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Guaranteed 99.95% SLAs and 4-hour fix
  • Ideal resiliency connectivity option

For more information on Wireless Leased Lines please visit our dedicated page, alternatively you can speak to a member of our team.


*When one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination.

**Subject to landlord approval, successful survey and any potential licensing requirements.

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