October 29th celebrates one of the most important inventions in history, the internet.

What is World Internet Day?

World Internet Day is an annual celebration on 29th October that commemorates the day when the very first electronic message was transmitted from one remote computer to another.

Who sent the first electric message and when?

The very first electronic message was sent by student programmer Charles S. Kline on October 29th, 1969 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Charles S. Kline successfully transmitted a message from a host computer (SDS Sigma 7) located in the computer science department at UCLA to another host computer (SDS 940) that was stationed at the Stanford Research Institute.

The internet is without doubt an integral part of our personal and professional lives and it’s hard to imagine what today’s world would be like without it. World Internet Day offers us the chance to celebrate the pioneers who contributed to building the internet and to reflect on how the internet has changed the world. We have found some noteworthy facts demonstrating how the way we have used the internet has changed since that day in 1969:

  • In 2019, there were 4.39 billion internet users in the world, this is 57% of the global population that uses the internet
  • About 4 billion people use the internet via a mobile device
  • There are one million new internet users every day
  • On average, internet users spend 6 hours and 42 minutes a day online versus 2 hours and 16 minutes a day on social media
  • The top three visited websites globally are Google, YouTube, and Facebook

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