Brodie and Declan have both worked as apprentices in the Network Operations Centre (NOC) at M247 since November 2019. The NOC is the heart of M247 support, with a proactive team who monitor client’s networks to give value-added service by ensuring we are always watching over their equipment.


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

Brodie: The idea of learning whilst getting paid is much better than paying to learn.

Declan: I chose to do an apprenticeship to gain more experience in the field. Learning on the job is much more interesting because you have a purpose and a goal. An apprenticeship allows me to learn in a real-life working environment, allowing me to be part of a team and means I get to enjoy spending time and meeting colleagues.


How has your role changed over the past year during COVID-19?

Brodie: Over the past year the main change for me has been starting to work from home, however I have been given more responsibility and trust. We have been split into two shifts which show we are trusted enough to work independently.

Declan: Despite working from home during the pandemic my role hasn’t changed too much over the past year, apart from exploring new sectors of solving faults. Each day is still a learning day and hopefully my knowledge will continue to evolve.


What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

Brodie: I enjoy working with a great team and learning a lot of new skills that will help me throughout my career.

Declan: The team, our team is a close-knit team, and we love joking and having fun while still maintaining a professional level and keeping up with the faults at hand.


How do you feel you have impacted the business since starting your apprenticeship?

Brodie: In the NOC we have an important role in spotting problems and getting these resolved before anyone else is aware of the issue. This shows how proactive we are at M247 and offers our customers reassurance that we are always working 24-7.

Declan: I feel I have impacted M247 by ensuring I always work hard and help my colleagues throughout the day, shifting weight off their shoulders and providing excellent customer service. I also have brought fun and enjoyment to the job while having a level-headed approach to do what is needed. I have to thank my colleagues for all the support and guidance they have given me so far.


How is your apprenticeship going to help you in the future?

Brodie: My apprenticeship has allowed me to get Network+ and BCS qualifications which will allow me to expand and further my career.

Declan: My apprenticeship will help me establish my career over the next few years with M247 as a NOC engineer. The base knowledge I have learnt here can be applied everywhere.


M247: Team Leader take on apprentices

Ryan Doyle, team leader of Brodie and Declan stated “Having apprentices at M247 is a two-way relationship whereby the company is rewarded by having the chance to mould future talents to fulfil our business need. It also allows the apprentices to apply real working knowledge of networking and technology to gain experience in this space. I find mentoring apprentices really rewarding as it’s a chance to give back and nurture the future talents of networking and technology.”

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