Zoe Donnelly, Group Talent Partner, explains why apprentices are so important to M247.

Apprentices are key part of our talent attraction and retention across our business

We believe in a diverse workforce here at M247 – we know having different perspectives and skillsets allows us to find better solutions, faster fixes and work better as a team to give our customers best in class products and services.

Part of building a diverse workforce is offering a variety of routes into employment with us to give everyone the opportunity to start a career and apprenticeships do exactly that.

For us, apprenticeships are a way to find bright and talented individuals, then nurture this talent within our business for the long term. We certainly hope to build careers for our apprentices at M247 and build a strong workforce for the future.


Apprenticeships give a fresh perspective and drive to succeed

We have yet to meet an apprentice that isn’t full of drive and enthusiasm! As well as being super switched on, apprentices are always happy to roll up their sleeves us and try, which is so great to see.

Securing then undertaking an apprenticeship is no small feat – as well as working, apprentices must study to complete qualifications and provide work-based evidence – so there’s a need for that determination, and that’s a characteristic that we look for when recruiting.


Part of the team from day one

Apprentices are by no means the tea makers here, they are considered part of the team and respected by everyone. In fact, most of the time you wouldn’t know they were apprentices. You only have to read about James in our IT team, Oskar from our Field Engineering team and Declan and Brodie in our NOC to see how our apprentices are given lots of challenges, responsibility and accountability.

Apprentices soon feel part of our great M247 culture with social, charity and sports events there is so much to get involved in and be a part of.

We offer support and a fair wage

Apprentices do require some additional support from us as for many its often their first ‘proper job’. We make sure that line managers have the adequate time and training themselves to harness and develop the talent of the apprentice. It is equally important that we choose the right training providers like ITP Apprenticeships and Alliance Learning that offer hands on support and different options for learning (such as online learning) to make studying as flexible as possible.

We support and help our apprentices to gain their qualifications, allocating an appropriate amount of time for study and exam revision. At the same time, our apprentices are getting hands on experience learning our systems, processes and ways of working making them an intrinsic member of the team.

As well as funding the apprenticeship training and qualifications, we give our apprentices a fair wage too to ensure they feel valued and remunerated for their hard work.

Apprentices bring so much to our organisation

New ideas, a fresh attitude to learn as well as helping us keep our finger on the pulse and stay in touch with emerging trends. Apprentices are mutually beneficial – we invest our time and or talent pipeline for the future, and our apprentices are given the opportunity to gain experience and qualifications with a top tech company!


Hear what our apprentices think:

“An apprenticeship is a great way for me to work and learn at the same time. It’s given me a fantastic opportunity to get into the telecoms industry and gain hands-on experience as I work my way up.” Oskar, Field Engineer Apprentice, age 19


“Learning on the job is much more efficient and interesting because you have a purpose and a goal. An apprenticeship allows me to learn while co-operating as part of a team and enjoying spending time with colleagues.” Declan, NOC apprentice


“The idea of learning whilst getting paid is much better than paying to learn. The best part of my apprenticeship has to be the people around me – supportive and fun – no day is the same and we all share a real camaraderie. Brodie, NOC apprentice


“M247 want to train the next generation of managers. They are currently paying for all of my training on and offsite, whilst paying me a salary which allows me to commute to work and continue the social activities I’ve always enjoyed.” James, IT apprentice

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