Shahan joined the M247 Provisioning Team as an apprentice in Customer Operations in 2017, he completed his Business Admin Level 3 Qualification in 2019 and has secured a permanent role in the team.

Tell us a bit about you and what your role as an apprentice entailed.

My role as an apprentice was very proactive. I liked that I was given the freedom to do both my apprenticeship work as well my work for M247, as a Provisioning Coordinator. As an apprentice starting new in the company, I was given the opportunity to shadow my colleagues in the same department and was able to ask anything I was unsure of, which helped to boost my confidence in my role.

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

I went to university for one year and ultimately decided at the end that it was not for me as I was unsure of where I would be after the three years spent vigorously studying. I then looked into apprenticeships and found the fact that I would be working and gaining a qualification at the same time, I felt this would provide me with good experience. It was a challenge that would test how I would perform in a full-time role which I was excited about. It also provided me with a consistent income which helped me improve how I manage my money.

Why was this route best suited to you?

The hands-on experience that an apprenticeship provided allowed me to gain many skills and techniques which I wouldn’t have gained in full time education alone, as I was studying and working at the same, enhancing my skills in both. I enjoy working in a team and dealing with customers. Prior to my apprenticeship I had previous experience doing this but as a Provisioning Coordinator I have enhanced these skills as well as developing new.

What do you think the biggest misconception about apprenticeships is?

The biggest misconception about an apprenticeship is that apprentices are hired to fill in a gap or provide support for a fixed amount of time to a company. This is not true as whilst being an apprentice, I was given the opportunity to look after my own customers and I was doing the same job as the full time provisioners. Some customers even asked to keep me on as their provisioner which motivated me a lot. Also, some people think balancing apprenticeship work and studying is difficult. I also thought this might be the case. However, with the help and support from my manager and colleagues was able to balance my work and study very easily.

What was your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

For me, it was the experience I gained. Nowadays, companies look for experience when hiring. Being an apprentice and working for 18 months provided me with great experience and knowledge that I can showcase, although I hope that I will stay and progress at M247 after all the support I have been provided with here. Being an apprentice with a company that provided me with all the support needed made my time as an apprentice fully worth it and enjoyable. There was no one looking down on me and I got to meet a lot of great people and have great experiences. I now have a Business Admin Level 3 Qualification, gained invaluable experience in a working environment and don’t have the debt I would have if I had continued at university.

M247: Team Leader take on apprentices

Denise Parlour, Customer Delivery Manager said “It has been a pleasure assisting 9 young people to complete Level 3 Business Admin & Management during the past 5 years within the London Provisioning Team, and we have been able to successfully offer all of them full time roles within the business after the apprenticeship. All 5 members of the London Provisioning have successfully completed an apprenticeship or are currently an apprentice. Apprenticeships are one way for us to inject some youthful talent into the business and enables you to grow your talent pipeline for the future.”

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