Supporting schools and academy trusts in their learning from home strategy, as they continue to support students and navigate through disruption and uncertain times

Over 1.2 billion pupils across more than 185 countries worldwide have been affected by the current pandemic. Learning from home led to a dramatic shift to online learning impacting teachers, students and parents and challenging them to adapt to new ways of teaching.

Constantly evolving technology brings new challenges and complexity that are not only limited to infrastructure and costs but now evolve around the key functional areas of every educational institution:

  • IT resource and knowledge gap to ensure strategic technology upgrades
  • Data security and online safeguarding of pupils learning remotely
  • Cloud adoption and transition to a digitalised way of teaching and learning
  • Cost challenges and limited budgets

How we support Edtech needs:


Our expertise in the UK connectivity market, coupled with our international infrastructure, allows us to offer the best resilience and connectivity options. Installation can be delivered in as little as 5 working days*.

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We help simplify cloud adoption for educational institutions. Offering a suite of services that enable an always-on access, best in class backup and recovery, as well as dedicated servers and disaster recovery options. All designed to suit the needs of your institution now and in the future.

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Voice and Collaboration

Enhanced video and call quality to connect students, teachers and parents across different locations. We enable better value and cost savings whilst helping schools utilise features such as call recording and call reporting for analytics and compliance requirements.

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Protecting data and students from cyber threats and making sure everything stays compliant. From data management and policies to firewalls across all organisational functions, on premise or virtual.

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Why M247 Solutions for Education industry

Enabling schools to provide a better teaching and digital learning experience, while reducing CAPEX and removing complexity from IT departments.

M247 are registered members of G-Cloud and YPO government frameworks, meaning that when this is necessary, we can ensure an easy procurement process for educational centres looking to purchase connectivity, cloud telephony and collaboration solutions.

We aim to help you navigate through the ever evolving technology environment which impacts your employees and students.


  • Centralise information and systems while protecting data and ensuring compliance
  • Upgrade voice and video technology for a simple, enhanced quality of learning experience.
  • Enable and utilise or Microsoft 365 features and make the most of the licensing options available
  • Improve security and safeguarding for students and teachers working remotely or in the classroom
  • Modernise collaboration platforms and networks without increasing CAPEX
  • Work with you to understand ad navigate the challenges faced, supporting you with the best solutions tailored to your needs

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Our customers are tuned into the events and happenings of the trading market and need to be able to react immediately. Having a resilient connection that can serve our global footprint of customers in less than 1 milliseconds is imperative. M247 were able to optimise every connection point in order to deliver our requirements.

Global network coverage

Global network coverage

Our Global network enables us to deliver services internationally, via private, public or hybrid cloud.

Global network coverage

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