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Private Networks

A LAN connects computers on a single site together enabling systems to communicate with each other, also offering internet breakout via connectivity options such as eased lines or wireless leased lines.

Disaster Recovery

A robust disaster recovery strategy is an imperative part of business continuity planning, failing to prepare for disaster can be catastrophic.

Data Backup

Business continuity is essential for business of all sizes. Its imperative to understand the approach to backing up data and how to easily recover the information if needed.

Temporary Connectivity

In today’s digital world, the demand for internet connectivity is expected. Whether you’re a business providing free internet access to your customers, or using connectivity to keep your business generating money, your infrastructure running smoothly or your communication channels live this could work for you.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

We specially train engineers, who have years of experience with installing CCTV connectivity circuits. Our state of the art 247Cloud can offer secure storage for footage as required.

Wholesale IP Transit

IP transit solutions enable ISPs and content and applications providers to offer high capacity low latency internet connectivity. M247 can provide scalable and efficient internet traffic management and broadband.

Data Centre Backhaul

MPLS ethernet backhaul circuits provide point to point connections between two on-net data centres, regardless of location around the world, through metro ethernet or long-haul ethernet.

Contact Centres

Enhance your customer experience with outstanding communication capability with our cloud-based contact centre solutions.

Business Continuity

A solid IT disaster recovery foundation underpins good business continuity going deeper that just IT systems – covering geography, work premises, connectivity, telephony, key contacts, supplier and vendor management.

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