Thinking of moving to Microsoft Teams? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from our customers about Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams when considering the switch. You can also read our blog post on five steps to consider for a seamless Microsoft Teams transition.

Q. Can I port my existing numbers?

A. Yes – Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers can be ported from your existing provider to M247 Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. This is a regulated process that can take 7 to 25 working days to process, depending on the quantity of numbers and incumbent provider.

Q. How long does it take to deploy Microsoft Teams?

A. It only takes a few minutes to complete the deployment of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing onto the M247 infrastructure. There are several steps you will need to complete on the Microsoft 365 tenancy which could take up to an hour.

Q. Can I add more users as my business grows?

A. Yes – Microsoft Teams is scalable with business needs. Additional licences can be purchased at any time.

Q. How can I configure the service?

A. Depending on the product you have implemented, the initial setup is required to be completed by you (the customer). This entails several PowerShell commands to be undertaken, M247 will provide a clear step by step guidance on how to deploy the trunk and polices. The user, queue and auto-attendant configurations are made through the Teams admin portal.

Q. How does the service connect to my Microsoft 365 tenancy?

A. The service uses the “Direct Routing” capability that is provided by Microsoft. Calls are delivered from the PSTN by M247 using AudioCodes Microsoft Certified infrastructure.

Q. What will happen to my calls if there is an Microsoft 365 issue or outage?

A. In the scenario of an outage on Microsoft 365, M247 can offer diverts to allow calls to be routed to other destinations, independent from Microsoft platforms, offering resilience for your business calls.

Q. Which Microsoft licences do my customers require?

A. There are several licenses you can choose from. Each end user will need to choose a licence configuration from the options below:

  • Business Essentials + Business Voice
  • Business Premium + Business Voice
  • E1/A1 + Phone System
  • E3/A3 + Phone System
  • E5/A5 (Phone System included)
  • Plus, M247 Direct Routing

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Q. Do M247 have to provide Microsoft 365 licences?

A. No – M247 can provide the service to an Microsoft 365 tenancy that isn’t supplied directly by us (so could be a direct connection or through another supplier). Microsoft 365 can be provided at competitive rates, speak to your account manager for further details.

Q. Can I make international calls?

A. Yes – all international destinations can be reached. M247 provide controls to lock down international dialling to prevent misuse and fraud as standard.

Q. Do all users in a tenancy need to use the M247 Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service?

A No – not all users in a tenancy need to use the service. Users without the relevant M247 & Microsoft licence will not be able to make/receive calls to the PSTN

Q. Can I set an outbound number for clients?

A Yes – outbound Caller ID can currently be configured in two ways within Microsoft 365:

  • Each user can present own number outbound
  • Outbound calls can be anonymised

M247 provide an additional option – to present one over-riding telephony number for the whole tenancy.

Q.Does each user need a Direct Dial In (DDI)?

A. Yes – each user needs a DDI.

Q. Can the system be configured before the live date?

A. Yes – M247 recommend configuring the service prior to the live date. We can also supply temporary numbers to allow customers to divert existing numbers to the new service whilst waiting for their existing numbers to port to the new system. This can be done in a seamless manner to ensure there are no disruptions during the transition.

Q. What it the minimum contract term?

A. M247 offer 12, 24 and 36 months contract options

Q. Can I integrate with my existing telephony services?

A. Yes – the solution can be integrated with legacy technologies and platforms to provide a hybrid experience. Our technical teams can help further with this.

Q. What hardware can I use?

A. M247 can supply a range of “Teams certified” models. These include desk phones and a range of audio and video conferencing units.

Q. Can I get international numbering?

A. Yes – numbering can be provided in 78 countries.

Q. Do minutes get pooled across all users?

A. Yes – minutes are shared across all users from each customer that consumes the service. They are not shared between customers.

Q. Can I get call recording on the service?

A Yes – call recording can be provided as an optional extra for users who require it.

Q. Does the service use Direct Routing?

A. Yes – the service uses the Direct Routing capability

We hope that answers some of your questions, please feel free to contact us, we have a dedicated specialist team on hand to help. Or find out more about M247’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Hosted Telephony solutions.



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