Rhianne joined M247 in 2019 in our Customer Care team, following a move into the project management team she has recently been promoted to Project Manager.  We talk to Rhianne about her journey, role and why she enjoys working for M247.  

What’s your role and what do you enjoy about it?  

As a project manager I focus on managing customer projects – that’s when M247 implement new products and services for customers. Often these are business critical solutions that affect the day-today IT functionality of large businesses. For example, internet connectivity across multiple sites, enabling hybrid working, or improving how thousands of customers interact with and contact a business.  

These projects need careful planning and project management with the customer and our internal technical teams to ensure they happen successfully and on time. I’m the first point of contact for the customer on these projects answering any questions and bringing the right people in at the right time.  

I love being able to engage with such a variety of people and projects. 

Why did you choose to go into project management?  

I was always interested in project management – from my time in the customer care team I knew I enjoyed working with customers directly.  Plus, I’m extremely organised and inquisitive and so project management really suits me! 

What’s been your favourite customer project?  

Recently, I worked with a huge, well-known, company on a VoIP migration project for direct routing. This enabled seamless communications for thousands of customers every day. I can really see how this new service will enhance their business processes and end customer experience and that is really rewarding.  

How did you progress and achieve your promotion?  

I was determined to do the Prince 2 qualification in project management – it’s an industry wide qualification that I knew would help me in my role and long term career plans.  

M247 and my managers supported me in achieving that. I had a clear development plan and objectives and as well as funding my qualification, I was given time within working hours to complete it.  

It’s a really intensive and tough qualification – it requires lots of practical experience and then a 5- day course. It really helped that my managers and colleagues have been through the qualification too, they really supported me and provided great hints and tips to get help me pass.  

It’s amazing to be able to get guidance and coaching from my managers and I feel like they care so much about me and fully support my personal development.  

What do you enjoy about your role? 

It’s so varied, every single project is different – there are of course similarities but each one is so unique. From the technicalities of the project, requirements and end goals to the people involved, I learn every day and its’ so nice to get positive customer feedback after a project completes.   

What do you enjoy about working for M247?  

I love the culture and the people. There’s such an array of people with different backgrounds, personalities and skill sets – it’s a great place to work. 


Congratulations on your promotion Rhianne – well deserved – thanks for being such a valuable member of our M247 team. Have a look at latest vacancies at M247

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