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M247 provide industry leading private branch exchange for your business

M247 offer fully hosted or virtual PBX systems for your business, which can be run on your own third party hardware or alternatively M247s hardware. The main benefit of using a PBX over a traditional PTSN system is that you are not limiting your business to only physical phone lines, but are also allowing the company to make free calls between different departments and members of staff.

Hosted PBX also gives your business the mobility and infrastructure to scale globally, with a virtual switchboard you can interact with staff members wherever in the world you are located.  If you are also running a PTSN system then its also extremely easy to upgrade your connection to a PBX via optional gateways without the costs involved. Conventional systems are very easy for a business to outgrow and scaling the lines proves difficult and expensive, however with an IP PBX system the transition is more of a fluid process.

What is a PBX?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that allows users to make and receive calls both internally and externally.  In effect it routes your calls to their intended audience.

Traditional Telephony verse Hosted Telephony. 

Traditional telephony works by using a copper wire network (telephone lines) which is known as PSTN connecting into a PBX on a customers site.  This is also referred to as CPE PBX (Customer Premises Equipment).

Hosted telephony is the Next Generation solution superseding traditional voice products.  Here your PBX is hosted in the Cloud as opposed to the business premises.  This may be referred to by many different terms; Hosted Voice, Cloud Telephony, Hosted PBX, VoIP (or Voice over IP (Internet Protocol)).  It replaces the use of copper lines with internet connectivity such as Ethernet or EFM.

In essence the delivery method is different.  However there are many benefits of Hosted Voice solutions over Traditional Telephony.

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