Big telephone networks around the world are rapidly phasing out traditional analogue and ISDN lines in favour of delivering voice calls over the internet (VoIP). When BT switch off the PSTN telephone network in 2025, all customers will be migrated to SIP trunks, the technical alternative to telephone lines.

Many telecoms providers, including BT will no longer offer ISDN products from next year. Indeed it is impossible to get new ISDN services in some telephone exchanges already, so it’s wise to start planning a transition to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks now by understanding the opportunities that SIP Trunks technology brings.

If it’s not broken!

If your business calls are handled by an onsite phone system, a physical box on the wall, chances are that you’ll probably be connected to the telephone network using ISDN lines that deliver voice to your premises.

It’s something that you rarely think about as long as your system works reliably. When the monthly telephone bill drops you might ponder on the alternatives but then the moment passes, and you get busy again!

If you are planning to expand your business, move to new premises, rationalise office space or are allowing workers to use their own devices or to work from home then a transition away from ISDN to SIP Trunks will bring real value and efficiency into your voice solution. It may even be possible to keep that box on the wall if your current office system is SIP Trunks compatible.

Expanding, Moving or Rationalising?

SIP Trunks enable you to easily scale up or reduce the number of channels to the exact number that are required, for example, in response to spikes in business. With ISDN you often had to choose a set number of lines, wasting money on capacity that you might never use.

With SIP Trunks, you’ll no longer be bound to fixed telephone numbers that are location dependent making it easy to move offices without having to incur the costs of call forwarding, new stationery or informing your customers. There will be little or no waiting time for additional lines or upgrades with SIP Trunks making on-site engineering a thing of the past.

Why the modern workplace loves VoIP?

Workers have become increasingly mobile and expect to be able to connect seamlessly at home, in the office and at times whilst travelling. Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of telephony with PC, smartphone or tablet to offer internal messaging, web, video and audio conferencing, presence of colleagues and much more. Using only the smallest number of devices, for example just a wireless headset and laptop, even the smallest of enterprises can look bigger by building a unified communications network with video, voice and data all routed over one IP connection.

Add the key benefits of line rental savings of up to70%, and further saving on calls leading to streamlined billing, resilience in case of disaster and 99.95% reliability and it’s easy to see why millions of UK business have already chosen Voice over IP telephony to future proof their businesses.

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How to be ready for BT’s big ISDN switch off

In 2025 BT will switch off its old public telephone network migrating businesses to a new Internet Telephony (SIP Trunks) based system. In fact, some ISDN products will no longer be offered from 2020.

M247 offers you the simple but effective way to bring efficiency and reliability to your business by routing voice, data and video over SIP Trunks.

Millions of UK businesses are already reaping the benefits of SIP Trunks, including lower line rental and calls costs, significantly quicker connections, and flexibility and scalability of new lines.  

Don’t get left behind with legacy technology, find out how your business can benefit from switching to SIP Trunks.

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