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Our enhanced Wireless Leased Lines service provide all the benefits of a traditional leased line service, minus the hassle and wire. Our next generation independent network uses industry-leading radio and microwave technology so you can be connected fast.

With M24Seven your business can start enjoying the benefits almost immediately – in just 25 days. All our wireless circuits offer symmetrical bandwidth between 10Mbps and 2Gbps.

Why go Wireless? 

Superfast delivery – we can install a circuit within 25 working days of receiving an order – that’s about a fifth of the time it takes to install a typical fibre line. With Wireless, our expert engineers will come to your site, fit a dish to your building, present the Ethernet connection into your office…and you’re good to go. It’s that simple. No planning permission, no disruption, no delays.

Cost savings over fibre circuits – Wireless is based upon a fixed price model, unlike fibre for which price is dependent upon location. The further you are from a fibre access point, the more expensive and disruptive a subterranean line becomes. Wireless is location agnostic because the data is carried between two points via an aerial signal which doesn’t lose performance over distance. Its good news all round.

Industry leading support – Your service will be backed by unparalleled service level guarantees and the kind of resilience that the legacy network operators simply can’t match.

Scalability – We can often upgrade customers to a higher bandwidth rate remotely and in near real-time. Why wait?

Flexibility – As the circuit is delivered over the airwaves, it is easy to relocate should you move site.



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