Future proof your business by replacing your phone lines with flexible SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunks routes calls over the internet and are an alternative to traditional telephony like copper (PSTN) or ISDN lines, allowing more flexibility and lower costs.

SIP Trunks are infinitely scalable with no limit to how many channels you may have. When you need to increase your Voice capacity SIP can scale incredibly fast and easily, unlike PSTN and ISDN.

Importantly you are able to continue using your current phone system and handsets – therefore reducing any disruption when migration to SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks are an ideal alternative to legacy telephony like ISDN which will be turned off in 2025.

Traditional Telephony vs. SIP Trunk

Traditional telephony works using a copper wire network which is known as PSTN, SIP Trunks connect your existing onsite telephony PBX to the internet instead of the PSTN allowing for cost savings, scalability and business continuity.

Many businesses use phone lines, an internet connection and a phone system. With SIP trunks you just need a reliable internet connection and phone system – no need for the additional cost and hassle of phone lines.


  • Reduces costs – Cheaper calls and no line rental, up to 60% savings compared with traditional ISDN
  • Enables Call Recording functionality
  • Business Continuity – built-in resilience, calls can be routed to anywhere in the world and reduces fraud risk
  • Fast deployment – can be provisioned in a matter of minutes
  • No limits to quantity of numbers or channels
  • Grows and flexes with your business needs

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