Introducing Connected Buildings

One of the main considerations for businesses choosing new office space is the speed of the connectivity available from their landlord. Most, if not all businesses now want super or ultra-fast Internet connections. A fast and reliable internet connection is now vital, with many organisations regarding internet access as ‘the fourth utility’.  Increasingly, landlords, managing agents and developers are recognising that this is the vital factor when attracting new tenants to their buildings, retaining existing customers and protecting their rental yields in a changing marketplace.

M24Seven is the UK’s fastest-growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider, delivering market-leading access speeds and unrivalled levels of service to businesses nationwide. With 99.95% uptime, 24/7/365 support and a four-hour fix, we are the natural partner for landlords who want to offer the best Internet services to their tenants.

Having been long involved in the supply of office space services, we understand the challenges for businesses in sourcing connectivity – long lead times, way-leave issues and high costs for installation amongst them. For landlords, these challenges present a knock-on effect – delayed move-in dates, the potential for clients to relocate if there is insufficient bandwidth and in the worst case, for tenancies to be cancelled if costs for installing Internet services are simply too great to bear.

No planning, no digging, no delays – just connectivity

At absolutely no cost to you as the landlord, M24Seven can quickly Internet-enable your building – allowing your tenants to enjoy ultrafast connectivity speeds of up to 5Gbps straight away. We can quickly install high-capacity, resilient services into your building as a turnkey solution.

And because our network is wireless, there’s no digging, no delay and no reliance on the traditional network providers. M24Seven already has a long track-record of working in this way with some of the UK’s leading landlords, developers and agents including Bruntwood, Colliers International, Orbit, CBRE and Global Investors.

Key Benefits for Landlords, Agents and Developers:

  • New tenants can have ultra-high-speed Internet access on the day they move in.
  • Tenants to move in immediately and accrue for rent without delay.
  • Customer retention – tenants will not look elsewhere because of poor internet connectivity.
  • The availability of M24Seven services in your building will set you apart from the rest of the market. Many businesses consult us on the availability of Internet services in office spaces before they make their accommodation choice.
  • No longer will the rent start date be driven by lengthy installation lead times. Landlords can allow flexibility – customers can move between buildings in a landlord’s property portfolio and enjoy the same superfast connectivity.
  • A guaranteed revenue stream – we will offer a percentage of the customer rental for their Internet services as a revenue stream to you. We’ll even provide marketing and sales support to ensure that this is a worthwhile exercise for you.

It really is win/win for landlords and property owners.

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