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Birmingham, England

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11-50 employees

Our partner

Birmingham based IT support company Computerworld Business Solutions (CBS) specialise in providing cost reductions to small and medium sized businesses by employing quality IT solutions including network implementation, disaster recovery, cloud and telephony technologies, internet connectivity as well as on going IT support services.


After 35 years within the industry the CBS team is now a 25 strong business, providing IT Support and Services to organisations across the Midlands. CBS have consistently been early adopters of ground breaking technologies ensuring first class customer service is provided by being one of the first to offer real time server monitoring in order to reduce network downtime.


CBS have been working with M247 for the past 4 years and have been the driving force behind M247’s success in the West Midlands. Steve Hennessy, Sales Director at CBS explains how this partnership came to be, “We wanted to an alternative solution to traditional fibre something that would deliver the same service but in a different way, giving our clients better choices. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the game within our industry and needed to find a partner who had the same ethos and could push us further ahead of our competition. M247 presented themselves as technically capable whilst also conveying a friendly and flexible approach. They were the perfect fit.”

The challenge

CBS work with a wide range of businesses across the West Midlands and each customer is seen as an individual, every solution provided is specifically tailored for that customer and their exact needs. Nothing is fixed in terms of size, flexibility or scalability of the customers’ system. With M247’s alternative technology they are able to provide the exact connectivity requirements for CBS’s customers.

Key points

  • Providing an alternative solution to traditional fibre
  • Giving clients better choices
  • Solutions are specifically tailored for the customer and their exact needs

“M247 provide us with a very flexible approach towards all of our customer and business needs; they ensure there is always appropriate alternatives and continuously provide us with fast and friendly help that is then redirected to our customers.”

Our solution

Connectivity options to suit the wide range of customers who Computerworld serve, including:

Birmingham Motor Tyres are one of the UK’s oldest independent tyre retailers and have a 20Mbps wireless leased line connection which will soon to be upgraded to 50Mbps. In addition, a fibre backup service is also being installed to ensure that if the wireless service was to fail, the fibre would kick in and the business would not suffer any downtime.

Kiely Bros have been one of CBS’s most valued customers for the past 10 years, the business, which specialises in carriageway and footway surface treatments, was originally struggling on a traditional fibre leased line before being upgraded to a dual site service with wireless technology.

BID Services, a charity working within the deaf community have been another long standing customer of CBS and now benefit from a wireless data connection that allows them to connect to remote sites after being upgraded from a traditional fibre leased line.


M247 are CBS’s preferred partner for connectivity providing wireless and fixed line connectivity use for their customers. Both companies share the same values and are highly regarded within their industry.

“Overall our experience with M247 has been a positive one and has grown from strength to strength. Having a viable alternative to traditional fibre has allowed us to work with clients to overcome challenges that would not be, if fibre were the proposed solution. They have even provided connectivity for our own office; we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our customers’ connectivity, or our own. We look forward to continuing to grow alongside them in the future.”

The result

CBS plan to continue the growth of their existing user base whilst improving on the services they are already providing. As M247’s coverage grows this will open up new opportunities for CBS to introduce their industry leading services to other regional locations.

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