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M247 recognises the need to improve business connectivity speeds to futureproof your business and ensure high levels of productivity. Our ultrafast gigabit network offer speeds up to 10Gbps through fixed leased lines and wireless leased lines directly to your business.  More and more businesses are upgrading to gigabit internet speeds as improved internet connectivity is essential for businesses wanting to grow and fully reach their potential.

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We are not like other gigabit internet providers – We offer your business 100% SLA solutions and fully resilient internet connections. Below are benefits of both our wired leased lines and wireless gigabit leased line solutions.

Gigabit Internet allows your business to become more productive, not only does it offer your business superfast download speeds but a huge benefit that a lot of business neglect is there upload speeds. Do you understand the value of upload speeds for your business?

  • Faster Backups – No matter what kind of business you run, backing up your work and resources throughout departments is now essential
  • Faster Communication – Video conferences are an essential part of any business with a digital presence, with Gigabit Internet there is no more lagging or buffering
  • Social Media – Over 80% of businesses are now regularly using social media – How long would you really want your team waiting when they upload a video or tutorial to sites such as YouTube?

Why choose M247?

  • Symmetrical, uncontended gigabit speeds up to 10Gbps
  • UK and Europe wide coverage
  • Unlimited, dedicated service for your business
  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring

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