It should not be question about whether your business should upgrade to a faster internet connection solution or not, it should now be a necessity.

Businesses tаking advantage оf both fast internet and resilient internet connections are producing sustainable economic growth.

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One of the most crucial aspects of having a fast internet connection is the reliability, with slow internet speeds not only is your business being less productive due to the speeds of uploads and downloads, but slow internet speeds tend to more often result in more overall downtime and revenue loss.

Another key benefit of having faster internet speeds for your business is that it really does allow your business to be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers – How many times has your business connected to a conference call or had video meeting sessions for the connection to be either interrupted because of unreliability or cause unnecessary buffering?

M24Seven offer one of the fastest wired and wireless fibre connections for your business – Our fibre leased lines offer you the highest quality speeds and performance for your business with uncontended and symmetrical speeds.

You can start enjoying our services within 25 days with our dedicated in-house engineering and provisioning teams. Why not test out our coverage checker to see if we cover your area?


We offer the Fastest UK Dedicated Leased Line Speeds:

  • 50Mbps Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 100Mbps Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 250Mbps Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 500Mbps Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 1Gbps Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 10 Gbps Fibre Internet Leased Line

Don’t put your business at risk – ensure your future with the UK’s fastest business internet from M24Seven

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