Michelle Allen, Team Leader of our newly formed Customer Care Team, tells us all about her new role and why the team is integral to M247 and customer experience

I joined M247 just over a year ago on the graduate scheme

In this role, assisting on the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, I got to learn so much about how our order journey works right the way through to delivery. When this process was embedded, I was offered the opportunity to work on a new project – launching NPS (Net Promoter Score) for M247. I was excited to be given the opportunity so early in my career, to be involved in such a significant project for the business implementing a feedback mechanism that was so fundamental to the direction of M247, and is now an integral part of our BAU.

I then progressed to customer care team leader

Leading the customer care team seemed a natural progression – having spent six months reviewing customer feedback and learning more about our customers. I was keen to be involved in the formation of this new team, who would be dedicated to enhancing our customer experience, understanding the improvements needed and implementing changes that I knew were important to our customers.

The introduction of the customer care team will be transformational to our customer’s experience

Our technical support team is already delivering exceptional service to our customers and this is reflected continuously in the comments our customers leave in their NPS survey feedback. The newly formed customer care team enables us to mirror this service throughout the business. All the feedback we receive shows our customers are with us because they know they can rely on our support team to deliver consistently high service, own and resolve their issues. This is what we want to see reflected in the customer care team; delivering that added value to our customers and delighting them with the service we provide.

The best thing about my current role is the team I work alongside

The commitment they show to our customers and the positive attitude they have. It inspires me to always strive to be better and develop ways of working that help them thrive. My involvement in the NPS process also means I can see the positive impact the feedback has on individuals and is part of what makes M247 a great place to work.

For me, good customer service is about knowing that when I contact a company, I can get through to someone who can quickly help me.

Someone who understands my issue or query and takes ownership of fixing it. A positive and helpful attitude and a clearly communicated plan can make all the difference. We know that sometimes things go wrong but it’s about having confidence that this can be swiftly resolved.

M247 really does champion customer service internally

I think a lot of organisations talk about having a customer focus but at M247 this is something that manifests itself into every conversation and decision we make. When I moved into my current role I was passed some advice from a colleague, ‘as long as you keep the customer at the heart of every decision you make you can’t go far wrong’ and this is something that is encouraged throughout the organisation. Empowering colleagues to take ownership of customer issues and drive change that gets the best results for our customers. I love that M247 has the agility to make instant changes that improve a customer’s journey with us and help their business.

The Customer Service team is helping to build trust and brand reputation

The changes we have implemented in this area assures our customer that the service they are used to receiving on their technical issues is something we want to be reflected throughout the organisation. We are constantly working to improve our processes ways of working to ensure we are dealing with customer issues as quickly as possible and make sure we’re getting it right the first time. Watching the growth of our customers and seeing our teams become an extension of theirs gives me confidence we are getting it right for our customers.

I’m looking forward to the future

The customer care team is a new and growing team and we look forward to seeing how it grows with our customers. We are adding that extra value throughout the customer journey and ensuring that confidence in the M247 service throughout. Watch this space for an award next year!

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