My experience: The first three weeks in my new role

Currently I’m three weeks into my new role as Talent Partner M247 and already I’ve learnt a lot! I’ve worked across a number of industries from infrastructure support, to facilities management, legal, catering and even the ever-growing online gaming world but never solely for a technology company so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Here’s how I found my new role and what I’ve learnt in my first three weeks.

What attracted me to M247?

I first came across a job advert on LinkedIn. The role was written for me, it had everything and more that I was looking for in terms of key responsibilities, duties and of course the ultimate appeal – they were a tech company! Cherry on the top! I like resourcing for all job families, but my one LOVE is information technology even though my husband once caught me shouting at my laptop (it wasn’t turning on) to find that it wasn’t even plugged in!

Secondly, I googled M247 and learnt their CEO was a woman, big tick for me. Thirdly, there were two other women on the executive board, tick, tick!

The people and environment are great

What sealed my decision to leave a company I had been very happy with for six years and move to M247 was the people team I met at interview stage (all were so very happy, very welcoming and very smiley) and ultimately my new manager, Kelly Billington-Taylor.

It’s extremely important to me that I click with the people I work with, we are in work for many hours, the people and environment have to feel right. At my 1st stage interview, Kelly basically turned it into a 2nd stage and then offered me the role there and then. When does that happen!? I loved the speed, the decision making and no red tape! Sign me up!

M247 has not disappointed

Everyone I’ve met in my first few weeks in the office have been very welcoming, helpful, smiley and above all friendly. It’s a very happy, open and inclusive environment.

Jenny Davies the CEO is often in the office and makes a point of saying “good morning” to everyone she meets when she arrives. I’ve never even personally met the CEO of other companies where I’ve worked. The working environment is open plan, spacious and bright. They offer working at home where possible, not just to suit parents. You are even given an extra day’s holiday for your birthday (that you can take on any date) when you start. Instead of having to work 2-3 years for that privilege.

My colleagues are also the best of the best!

It’s such a diverse place to work, I’ve met people from lots of different countries and where GenZ work happily alongside millennials and baby boomers.

The Subject Matter Experts are true SME’s. Their knowledge of their areas is outstanding, from the tech guys to finance, HR, marketing, sales and customer delivery. The talent within the company has truly made a massive impact on me. I love to stand outside the NOC (Network Operations Centre to you and me) and view the many screens where our networks are monitored 24/7. Its like a control centre you would find within NASA!

M247’s values resonate with me too Be you, Innovate247, Win together, Simplicity. So, if you are passionate, eager, curious, adaptable and a hard worker then we want to hear from you. If you want to be the best at your craft then you have to surround yourself with the best. Take a look at our website today and start your journey with M247.

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