Brodie and Declan both work as apprentices in the Network Operations Centre (NOC) at M247. The NOC is the heart of M247 support, with a proactive team who monitor client’s networks to give value-added service by ensuring we are always watching over their equipment.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

Brodie: The idea of learning whilst getting paid is much better than paying to learn.

Declan: I chose to do an apprenticeship to gain more experience in the actual field. Learning on the job is much more efficient and interesting because you have a purpose and a goal. An apprenticeship allows me to learn while co-operating as part of a team and enjoying spending time with colleagues.

What has been the best moment of your apprenticeship at M247 so far?

Brodie: It really has to be the people around me – supportive and fun – no day is the same and we all share a real camaraderie.

Declan: The best moment of my apprenticeship so far was the day I walked into the job and the day I fixed an ADSL connection – straight away I was a part of the team, I was given responsibility and was able to feel useful. I’ve already moved onto far more complex fixes!

How do you feel you have impacted the business since starting your apprenticeship?

Brodie: In the NOC we have an important role in spotting problems and getting them resolved before anyone else is aware of the issue. This creates a good image for the company and offers our customers reassurance that we are always working 24-7.

Declan: I feel I have impacted this company by ensuring I’m always putting in lots of hard work and helping my colleagues through the day, shifting weight off their shoulders and providing excellent customer service. I also have brought fun and enjoyment to the job while having a level-headed approach to do what is needed. I have to thank my colleagues for all the support and guidance they have given me so far


What is your plan for the future?

Brodie: I would like to learn as much as possible in the NOC then progress in my career further with M247. When I have gained more experience, I would like to try penetration testing as a specialisation.

Declan: My plan in the future for the next 1-3 years is to work in the M247 NOC and gain valuable knowledge and experience in the IT service. This will allow me to progress in my current role and potentially progress into another role.


M247: Team Leader take on apprentices

“I find mentoring apprentices really rewarding as it’s a chance to give back and nurture the future talents of networking and technology. It’s a two-way relationship whereby the company is rewarded by having the chance to mould future talents to fulfil our business need. It also allows the apprentices to apply real working knowledge of networking and technology to gain real experience in this space.” Ryan Doyle, team leader for Brodie and Declan

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