SMEs in London are suffering from unreliable connectivity. Although it is a basic requirement for 99% of UK businesses to operate efficiently, it is still a massive challenge, even in fast-paced metropolis like London.

How do resellers ensure their customers are connected 24/7? How do they provide them with opportunities equal to those of their peers and competitors nationally and globally?

Nearly a third of London SMEs estimate they could have lost more than £10,000 per year due to connectivity issues– a huge blow to the local and national economy. Poor broadband connectivity is frustrating SMEs, with 31% complaining monthly to their service provider; almost a fifth (19%) make weekly complaints. To further underline the issue, Gartner recently estimated that the average cost of IT downtime to businesses is a staggering £258,000 per hour – both in revenue loss and company’s reputational damage. The repercussions are immense.

How many of your customers are struggling with their traditional fibre solution and getting their business connected?

There’s no way around it – London businesses are growing and with that comes an increase in planning permissions to manage and control developments, resulting in wayleave issues, red tape and regulation surrounding infrastructure deployment.

Furthermore, the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) highlights that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK is now at 88%, with 67% of users expecting to increase their adopting of cloud services over the coming year. Cloud is critical for companies to keep up with digital transformation and 24/7 access, with web hosting, PaaS and office productivity tools being the most commonly used cloud-services4. However, 31% of SMEs quoted dependency on Internet access as one of the biggest difficulties when migrating to a cloud solution.

There’s dire need for a new solution that will address your customers issues and seamlessly integrate them into the buzzing business community.

Wireless/radio rooftop connectivity installations are the crucial next step in providing London with reliable and resilient digital infrastructure that supports its economic stability and business growth.

True resilience for your customers’ business

Radio and fibre provide the most resilient connectivity for businesses and ensure diversity through two different routes, one in the air and one in the ground, for always on, ultra-fast internet. With businesses’ insatiable demand for bandwidth, radio provides the fastest and most reliable solution for connectivity and can be installed within 25 working days – an incredibly fast solution compared to the industry standard of 75 – 90 working days. This can literally make or break a business.

In places where the landscape makes installations difficult, radio is the answer. It can be installed anywhere (upon landlord acceptance) as the data is carried between the two points via an aerial signal. This, combined with the strength of radio in its resilience with no single point of failure, ensures always-on connectivity and addresses the issue of IT downtime.

Furthermore, wireless doesn’t require any road digging, and doesn’t cause severe planning delays which means it’s incredibly quick and easy to deploy.

Improved business performance

Businesses can only reach productivity and competitive advantage when they are connected and can deliver their services. Your customers have dire need for connectivity, so don’t let them down – provide them with an offering that is representative of the modern world in which we operate today. Radio technology is the answer for always-on connectivity.

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