With data usage at an all-time high and, the number of IT systems and applications to maintain it continuing to rise, the management and protection of data is a business-critical consideration.


However, when it comes to looking after your business data, do you know the difference between Data Management as a Service and Backup as a Service, and which your business needs? We explore the aims and differences behind the two…


DMaaS Vs. BUaaS

If initially we consider the two options outside of the technology sphere, the following analogy brings the two entities to life:

BUaaS is like buying a safe to keep your valuables in. You buy the safe from a shop, and then it’s up to you to make sure it’s well maintained and that everything that should be in it is in there, locked up safe and sound. So, relating this example to BUaaS, it is the customer who is responsible for the organisation and maintenance in terms of setting up and carrying out backup policies once you’ve purchased the solution.

DMaaS is equivalent to having bought the safe to keep your valuables secure and then successfully installing it at home, at the office or an alternative location. DMaaS is designed to give the valuables in your safe additional protection, so in this analogy it’s like putting your safe in a secure storage facility, and then having the facility patrolled by round-the-clock security guards.

If we were to distil it down to the most basic level with BUaaS, you buy the product and manage it yourself; with DMaaS, you buy the management layer designed to look after your end-to-end backups and ensure your platform is operating at its most efficient. This frees up your teams to focus on other priorities. If you’re still not sure which one might be right for you, then answer the questions in our handy flowchart below and we’ll guide you to which may be the best solution for your business:


If you’re proposed solution is M247 BUaaS:

Our platform provides you with simple, reliable, and secure data protection, enabling you to back up your data from multiple environments across physical and virtual platforms. Your administrators have full visibility, control of all backups, and restore processes in a single dashboard.  To speak to one our dedicated sales team about how BUaaS can support your business get in touch.


If your proposed solution is M247 DMaaS:

DMaaS from M247 is designed to give you peace of mind that your data is in safe hands. Our solution works in conjunction with our BUaaS solution but allows M247 to own the entire backup process within your organisation. To speak to one our dedicated sales team about how DMaaS can support your business get in touch.

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