Following the surge in data usage over the last few years Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) has been thrust into the limelight. But what is Data Management as a Service? What can it do for businesses? And why might it benefit yours?

We answer all those questions and more in this introduction to DMaaS…

What is DMaaS?

DMaaS is one of the growing cloud-based ‘as a service’ technology solutions that work on a pay-per-usage basis. DMaaS enables businesses to have their data management managed by a third-party company.


How does DMaaS work?

Data Management as a Service allows businesses to effectively outsource their data management, supporting infrastructure, and all the associated maintenance, management, upgrades, and security to a third-party Managed Service Provider. A robust DMaaS solution collates and protects data from all sources, including servers, laptops, and mobile devices from across the business, so it’s all in one, easy-to-manage place.

Businesses using DMaaS back up their data to the platform, usually via agents installed on the data sources or through an authentication process for cloud-based sources, and the provider takes care of the rest.


What are the business benefits of DMaaS?

As with most cloud-based solutions, the benefits of DMaaS are wide and varied. From enhanced cost management and budget predictability to flexible and scalable capacity, managing data in the cloud brings a whole host of business benefits. Other benefits include:

  • Streamlined interaction – The customer simply needs engages with their chosen MSP to request a new backup or restores, rather than having learn to navigate the system application. DMaaS is a blackbox service which removes the complexity in operating data solutions.
  • Data from various sources is centralised – Data can be pulled from file, application, and database servers, as well as from virtual machines and individual devices, to be stored in a centralised database.
  • Reduced complexity – By consolidating data from all physical sources, servers, cloud solutions and devices into a single platform, data becomes immediately less complex.
  • Better oversight and accessibility of data – A centralised source of data makes finding and accessing data much easier.
  • Integrated analytics – With everything in one, cloud-based repository, analytics becomes an automated process, giving businesses access to powerful insights about their data, including where and how it’s being generated, how it’s being used, and by whom it’s being accessed.
  • Less downtime and data loss – With third-party technical experts regularly monitoring, testing, and patching the infrastructure, there’s a huge reduction in data loss and downtime.
  • Less waste, more value – Outsourcing data management frees up IT talent and budgets to be spent on technology that supports and speeds up other business processes.
  • Quick to deploy – DMaaS providers have their solutions built and ready to go, so businesses just need to cherry-pick their services and select a vendor.


What kinds of businesses will get the most from DMaaS?

Any business that has siloes of data and/or a complex data estate will benefit from DMaaS. The problem for many businesses in an increasingly digital world is that data is being generated on so many fronts and in so many places that managing it has become a complex and cumbersome task. With hybrid working, remote teams and IoT devices complicating the flow of data, it’s simply not feasible for many businesses to effectively manage their own data estates anymore.

By essentially managing their data centre with DMaaS, businesses have the ability to access all their data assets, from all sources and devices, centrally and from anywhere in the world. This is a boon for both managerial oversight and data insights.

If you’re a business that creates data (and there aren’t many these days that don’t) and don’t necessarily have the infrastructure, resources, or personnel to keep on top of managing it, you’ll benefit from DMaaS.


M247’s Data Management as a Service solutions

At M247, we offer two DMaaS solutions to support your business’s data management requirements. Our standard managed service provides all the necessary infrastructure, maintenance, and centralised systems to make managing your own data quick and easy.

For businesses looking for expert data management by a specialist team, our enhanced managed DMaaS service is done-for-you data management that includes everything from infrastructure and platform maintenance to regular proactive testing and reporting.

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