In this 20 minute webinar M247 Cloud Solutions Architect, Geoff Campos and Dubber Channel Sales Manager Adam Freeman look at how AI and call recording can help enable business continuity.

COVID-19 has caused a huge generational shift to remote-working. One of the big side effects of this has been an acceleration in the acquisition of flexible cloud and hybrid technology solutions, as opposed to the traditional on-premise solutions that prop up most companies of all sizes today. Geoff and Adam explore how COVID-19 is accelerating business change, the challenges businesses are facing with telephony when adapting to remote-working and how call recording and voice AI fits into solving these challenges.

COVID-19 has caused a large-scale shift to remote working. Amid this ‘new normal’, cloud and hybrid solutions have accelerated rapidly to help businesses rise to meet those challenges head-on. If you’re ready to learn more, view our webinar by clicking the image below.

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