If your business was under cyber-attack, how would you respond?

Join us on this interactive webinar to follow the story of a cyber-attack at a fictional insurance company. The business is wriggling on the end of the hacker’s hook, there’s already been a data breach and the possibility of ransomware deployment is looming.

Be part of the incident response team tasked with plotting a way out of the crisis. Choose how to react through a series of live polls that will be discussed with the audience and our expert panel.

We’ve crafted this simulation webinar to explore the impact and business response an attack might cause. Do you know how you’d respond?

Hosted by:
Jim Preen – Crisis Management expert
Jack Peters – Security Architect, M247
Ashley Davies – Product Manager, M247

Do you know how your business would react to a cyber attack? Learn everything you need to know in our webinar by clicking the image below.

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