Is SD-WAN the future of networking?

Understand the key benefits of SD-WAN and if this really is the future of networking. If you’re unsure if SD-WAN is the future of networking, if it’s over-hyped or what the business benefits could be, our 30 minute webinar looks at the key business drivers and inhibitors to adopting SD-WAN, discusses business readiness and covers the key benefits.

Host: Kevin Paige, CTO, M247 / Andrew Goodbourn, Customer Solutions Architect, M247.

The agenda:

Part One:

  • What is SD-WAN?
  • How it works

Part Two:

  • Current adoption and trends
  • Business drivers for adopting SD-WAN
  • Key business benefits to adoption

Part 3

  • Implementation: two variants emerging
  • Evaluating SD-WAN

Part 4

  • M247 future roadmap

If you want to hear the key benefits of SD-WAN and whether it’s truly the future of networking, click the image below to view our webinar.



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