M247 is a global technology services partner. We work with growing organizations and we solve their technology problems for them. So I think what we’ve managed to do is simplify what is actually quite complex for our customers and that’s what makes us special. So we have continued to grow both in the UK and globally at a pretty exponential rate. And we’re really proud of that. MSP have been part of our growth journeys.

We’ve gone from having quite a small office over the road in Green Haze. Finally move into Turing House a few years ago. The team love being based at Turing. I think for us there’s easy access to Manchester City center. And the transport links in addition to that Science Park in which again, in this day and age you don’t always get easy access to. Manchester is a big part of the M247 story for us. The facilities that Manchester has to develop talent in the tech sector are second to none. We also think with the growth in digitalization that there’s a lot of opportunity for customers in this city.

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