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Avoid a disaster with your Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted 26 Apr, 2019

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Host:James Smith, Hosting Solutions Director, M247.

Topic: Avoiding a disaster with your Disaster Recovery plan and a whole host of different considerations to think about when deploying your Disaster Recovery.

The agenda:

Part One:

  • How we define Disaster Recovery
  • The different types of disaster that exist and what the purpose is of disaster recovery
  • Demystifying some of the technical lingo.

Part Two:

  • Barriers to Disaster Recovery (DR) adoption
  • Establishing your Disaster Recovery objectives.
  • Critical considerations before implementing Disaster Recovery, understanding the costs associated with Disaster Recovery
  • The cost of not having Disaster Recovery in place and how to calculate your potential disruption costs.
  • Plus, latest trends in the industry and a preview of the next generation of Disaster Recovery.

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