For M247 it was important to partner with an organisation that was also accredited to ISO 27001. This accreditation guarantees the highest standards via approved processes and shows the commitment to the international standard for information security

About Metacomplaince

MetaCompliance offers industry-leading policy management solutions that allow businesses to inform and educate employees on the necessary internal and external policies that could impact their role. Providing best-in-class practice training on common issues that businesses face such as Phishing.

The importance of working with MetaCompliance

M247 recognised the need to implement a proactive approach to policy management that would help to establish the boundaries of safe Cyber Security behaviour for employees.

Using MetaCompliance’s policy management software, M247 can now effectively monitor and manage key policies, demonstrate policy participation and evidence staff attestation, which was essential to meet ISO 27001 standards.

The policy management software has allowed management to target policies to specific groups of users and educate employees on the laws and regulations applicable to their job.

With the policy management module, M247 can ensure that all departments in the organisation apply a best practice approach to compliance and provide a single source of truth to allow reporting for management oversight. This has resulted in higher levels of staff engagement and reduced the time-consuming manual processes involved in managing and maintaining policies.


What are MetaCompliance’s key features?

  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Proactive policy management
  • The ability to effectively monitor and manage key policies
  • Enhance awareness of threats, risks and controls amongst employees

“MetaCompliance has always engaged us to work closely in understanding our requirements and help us to refine this internal service offering.” Gary Myers Group Information Security Manager, M247

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