Duo Security are the leading player in two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions with a focus on “zero trust”. Their recent acquisition by Cisco has validated their credibility and trust placed in them by many businesses all over the world.

The importance of working with Duo Security

Duo combines security expertise with a user-centred philosophy to provide two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation, and secure single sign-on tools.

Their focus is to make their services easy, effective, trustworthy, and enduring for businesses of every size.

Cisco’s acquisition of Duo created an opportunity for M247 to implement a company-wide identity and access management protocol as we had already been using Duo on a limited basis for nearly a decade.

Their solution checked all the boxes, with its robust 2FA tool that offers reliable security, needs minimal administration, and has an elegant interface. It is the ultimate user-centric, zero-trust solution.

What are Duo Security’s key features?

  • Designed for teams of all sizes
  • Intuitive authentication for users
  • Powerful flexibility for companies
  • Perimeterless workforce protection
  • Secure access worldwide

“Technology should serve our users, not the other way around. This is exactly what Duo does for us by providing an easy to adopt, easy to administer solution that slots straight into our day to day, striking a great balance between security and usability.”

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