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Think Huge Limited


Information technology


Infrastructure as a Service and colocation


Hong Kong, China


3 months

Our customer

Technology for the global FOREX industry

Think Huge Limited owns and operates a range of websites dedicated to servicing the technology for FOREX industry companies. They are an organisation of dedicated innovators, developers and customer support technicians with an entrepreneurial spirit. They build incredible products to solve the problems of tens of thousands of customers worldwide across a range of markets, particularly the trade exchange.

The challenge

A global connection in under 1 millisecond (ms). Supporting clients across the globe whose business is based on trading investments, required a solid connection to enable real time trading; any downtime or delay would result in missed opportunities and lost business. In an environment where connections that take 1 second are classified as slow, to enable real-time trading required a network connection delivered in under 1ms.

Key points

  • 100% uptime maintained
  • Global network connection delivered under 1ms
  • Provision of flexible maintenance schedule to ensure completed out of market hours
  • Deployment of IaaS, colocation and cloud services to serve customers across 8 key trading cities globally
  • Future-proof solution that can scale up to x10 current size and reach

“Our customers are tuned into the events and happenings of the trading market and need to be able to react immediately. Any time delay over a second can result in lost opportunities. Having a resilient connection that can serve our global footprint of customers in less than 1 milliseconds is imperative. M247 were able to optimise every connection point in order to deliver our requirements and ensure traffic could take the most effective journey.”

Will T, Think Huge Limited

Our solution

Multiple location IaaS, colocation and cloud

As a global supplier M247 were able to support Think Huge Limited in delivering to their customers which span across 8 of the largest trading cities on 3 continents. M247 implemented IaaS, colocation and cloud solution and were able to guarantee the required <1ms for broker infrastructures located in the same city.


Fully redundant with optimised connection

M247 were able to draw upon the breath of their solutions and network reach to meet Think Huge Limited’s brief. Using private peering relationships, interconnections with all major Tier 1 providers and drawing upon an established presence in world Internet Exchanges, M247 Network Operation Centre (NOC) managed to perform the best routing engineering. This ensured it was possible to meet the <1ms connection requirement to brokers by choosing the most direct route available to that specific destination.

M247 deployed fully redundant power racks, A+B in Tier 3 data centres as close as possible to the concentration of brokers around the globe. All the servers available in the Think Huge infrastructure benefit from N+1, full RAID 10 with batteries plus 2 separated ways of backing up their data, one daily and one weekly.

The result

100% uptime, maintenance out of trading hours

A robust, flexible solution, fully optimised in terms of latency, delivered across 8 key cities throughout the world. A forward-thinking approach from M247, with inbuilt flexibility to increase capacity and scale up to x10 its current size and reach. During our 10 year working relationship, Think Huge Limited has grown alongside M247, who have now extended the services to include managing parts of their hosting infrastructure as well as maintaining and routing customer IP addresses.

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