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The Phoenix Artist Club




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London, England

Company size

11-50 employees

Our customer

The Phoenix Artist Club has a rich theatrical history and is a unique venue. It is London’s Theatreland club, bar and restaurant, hosting 800 events every year. In addition to attracting the public, the award winning club boasts a 5,000 strong members club with international members from blue chip companies to actors. In addition, it hosts parties for the rich and famous including Ed Sheeran, the launch of Disney Pixar’s latest Star Wars film and Gary Barlow’s West End Show ‘The Girls’ to name a few.


The Phoenix Artist Club occupies the original dressing and rehearsal rooms of The Phoenix Theatre where Laurence Olivier made his debut. The Club’s restored art deco interior, with signed posters and pictures adorning the walls set the scene for an evening of entertainment. During the day Phoenix Artist Club is a popular hot-desking hub for London business people who enjoy free coffee and WiFi access from 10 am to 5 pm.


A fast reliable internet network ensures The Phoenix Artist Club can promote its events, keep in touch with its members around the world, deliver live streaming productions and importantly have the speed and bandwidth for everyone in the club to use social media & stay connected.

The challenge

The Phoenix Artist Club venue is quite unique with discerning customers from club members to London’s theatre goers all looking to enjoy an evening. Often full to capacity for events, so they began to explore live streaming. For this they needed a reliable network that met industry based security standards and struggled to find an operator who could give us this until finding M247.

Key points

  • Reliable, rapid, bandwidth
  • M247 Fibre network connection
  • Speedy installation

Now our members across the world can enjoy the six in-house events we run every week. The network we have also supports our wifi facility that has become very important for anyone in a club or bar across London. We want people to be able to share their experiences and our clientele regularly take pictures and send them to friends and family using a wide range of social media channels. They expect to be able to do this rapidly and our free wifi lets them do this enhancing their night out with us. It’s also great for promoting the Phoenix Artist Club through electronic word of mouth,”

Peter Dunbar Marketing Director

Our solution

Delivering high speed communications to London’s businesses is the forte of M247. M247 has established itself as a leading provider of fast fibre network, facilitating reliable, cost-effective data communications for London businesses that need first-class computing networks.


M247 fibre connection is London’s premier fibre network and has connected over 300 London businesses to in just the last 12 months. M247 provides London businesses with lighting data transfer at a third of the prices internet companies provide. The backbone network allows M247 to connect businesses from all over London with cable direct to their premises, so they can get the connectivity speeds they need.


Today people expect to be connected for both business and pleasure. Not providing a rapid reliable service frustrates your clients. The Phoenix Artist Club has understood the importance of great connectivity and is using it to grow its business, engage its customers and maximise its highly creative business. The M247 network is providing the backbone to deliver fast reliable secure connectivity. Our network continually gets faster with speeds now beyond 1Gbps per second.

"The club’s wifi also comes into its own during the day with the newly created Hub catering for the London business person. As a club we are busy from early evening until around two in the morning, but during the day our venue was a space crying out to be inhabited. We created the Hub where business people can come and enjoy free wifi and coffee. It’s become a successful community project with many staying on into the evening. The powerful network we have supports four routers around the building and provides brilliant bandwidth making our Hub the place to be for business people on the go,”

Peter Dunbar Marketing Director


To achieve reliable fast connection speeds, businesses need fibre connected directly to their building. This ensures upload and download speeds are identical and do not change irrespective of how busy the network is. Physically getting fibre to the premises can sometimes require major works and M247 well placed to make this happen quickly.


The Phoenix Artist Club wanted to launch their live streaming events with an important show and M247 needed to ensure they could deliver to this deadline. The Phoenix Theatre is an old iconic building where fibre was not available. The provisioning team worked closely with the local authority and a range of other organisations to organise laying of cable down a busy West End road and ensuring connection happened quickly. M247 prides itself on the efficiency and speed of their pro-active provisioning team who drive the installation process on behalf of the clients to get them connected as quickly as possible.

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