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Manchester, England

Our client

Designer and developer of mobile applications

Beginning in 2014, Dreamr was born out of a passion for creating amazing experiences for clients all around the world. Dreamr works with the latest technologies and employs the brightest and most talented designers and developers to create immersive apps for the web, TV, watch and phone.

Based in Manchester, the award-winning app development and design agency works with clients across the globe who include entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate and large enterprises. Today, the business provides their advanced digital services to companies such as Bluewater, Manchester University, MoYo and Corner.

The challenge

Dreamr were in need of a reliable and robust internet connection with the constant speed they required, rather than an ‘up to’ service. Their existing connection was prone to going offline and the provider could not deliver the speeds that were necessary.

Key points

  • Uncontended wireless leased line
  • 24/7 support
  • Low latency and high availability

"Our business is purely digital. We consume and produce digital content and when that is the foundation of our business we need to make sure we have a provider that we can trust to deliver the best infrastructure for us to work with. If our business was offline for an hour, the costs would be enormous. We cannot have that unpredictability, not when we completely rely on being online 24/7. When creating and developing apps our developers rely on having a super-fast connection in order to work in the cloud. If this was to fail, we would lose production on a huge scale.”

Dreamr CEO

Our solution

M247 provided Dreamr with an uncontended wireless leased line. Delivering a constant and reliable connection to the company backed up by industry leading 24/7 support. M247’s wireless leased lines offer all the benefits of fibre, such as low latency and high availability but with a host of other added benefits such as scalability and flexibility.

Dreamr – “We are a growing app development company and are constantly growing, it is really important for us to work with other companies that we can grow with. As our offering increases and we grow our team we need to be able to upgrade our services to support this. It is really important to have flexibility and a choice, this gives us reassurance and takes away pressure from worrying about upgrading when we need to.”

“Having been in Manchester for a few years I have heard so many great stories about M247 providing connectivity services to friends and business associates. When it came to needing a new provider they were the clear choice. We knew they would be able to provide exactly what was needed.”

Dreamr CEO

The result

Dreamr – “Everything we have heard about M247 has been about how they offer a fantastic service, speed and reliability. We trust recommendations and so many people have had a great experience with them as a provider. This has been exactly the same for Dreamr.”

The uncontended wireless connection offers Dreamr the opportunity to change and adapt their connection as their business grows. The solution is easily scaled up or down depending on the requirements and the flexible nature means that an office relocation would be possible without any downtime.

“From day one the service and support from M247 has been fantastic. Our account manager has been a great help, making our lives easier when deciding on what connection to go for and arranging a quick install. We’ve not had a single problem so far but I know that if we did in the future we would be able to rely on M247 to sort it out as soon as possible.”

“Working with M247 is like working with someone within your own business, someone you can trust and depend on to get the job done. There are big plans coming up for Dreamr and we want to make sure we stay ahead of the tech industry and are ready to embrace new technology. We couldn’t do this without M247 and look forward to an exciting future with them.”

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