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Most networks that claim to be resilient aren’t, many route through the same local exchange or the same ducting. With M247’s radio fibre resilient solution you can ensure your network is resilient as any can be.

How much would you pay to keep your reputation intact?

With growing demand for cloud based applications there is a much greater dependency on internet connectivity and true network resilience. Access to the internet can be lost in a variety of ways, such as damage to the physical fibre arising from road works and power shortages at local telephone exchanges.

Add resilience to your connectivity network, and insure yourself against these unforeseen events, your internet connection will stay intact, meaning productivity will not suffer.

  • True resilience for your business

    M247 are bringing premium radio technology to your building, having a connection in the ground and through the air is one of the only ways your businesses connectivity can be truly resilient.

  • 100% SLA

    with super resilience there are no fix times

  • Flexibility, upgrade from 5 working days*

    Once connected to our network, we can upgrade your connection from 5 working days*

  • Low Latency

    We have invested in the build out of our network across London and the UK to ensure low latency, robust equipment and full security ensuring you get the best value services.

  • No Digging, No Delays

    Save time and money with our ultrafast wireless ethernet connection from 15 working days*. No hidden charges or excess construction charges

We also provide hosted VoIP telephony services that include 5,000 FREE UK National minutes (per extension) and FREE Handsets.

Don’t put your business at risk – ensure your future with a premium resilient solution from M247


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