Accessible securely from anywhere in the world via the Internet

Our privately-owned, dedicated data centres are state-of-the-art premises that offer you the capabilities you need for your hosting and cloud business needs.  

In the Managed Server solution, equipment is leased to the customer over a contract term and is hosted within one of M24Seven’s Tier 2-3 data centres.

Because M24Seven houses mission-critical data, a robust commitment to security is an absolute priority. M24Seven have undertaken and successfully completed the ISO 27001 Security Standard, which has involved identifying every risk to the business and the assets in its care and treating those risks seriously, professionally, and compliantly.


  • Remote server access, FTP and email server
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)server and email server
  • Bespoke specifications for Enterprise and SME’s
  • Increased resilience

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