High availability platforms designed to function as either a single service or a combined offering, so your business can benefit from cost-effective, off-premise reliability.

Colocation is ideal for companies that need to have all, or part of, their own hardware and software locked safely inside an internet datacentre. With excellent connectivity, physical building security, power, resilience, diesel generators, 24/7/365 monitoring, air conditioning and access to many different enhanced features, all available as standard.

  • 5 owned and managed datacentres across the UK and Europe
  • Presence in over 40 datacentres globally
  • Guaranteed service delivery
  • Interconnection of datacentres for resiliency and disaster recovery
  • Secure access 24/7/365
  • Self-healing IP network
  • Quarter, half or full rack availability
  • Suites of multiple racks available for larger organisations
  • Scalable capacity available immediately
  • Predictable cost model

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