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HA247 is a York based web hosting provider specialising in Linux server platforms. The business is committed to Open Source software deployment to create an innovative and resilient series of hosting solutions for a wide range of clients, serving the UK market.

Since being established in 2008, the goal at HA247 has been to deliver the best in managed hosting through technologies such as True HA and excellent customer services. However, experience has taught them that the availability of a website requires a lot more than just a solid hosting platform. Today, security and sophisticated technologies, along with the right hosting, are required to ensure a website is available and secure for the end user.

The Challenge

HA247 wanted a new robust IT infrastructure in order to create a service that developers and business owners expect from a hosting company, this was vital for their business, if the infrastructure was to fail then access to all their clients’ services fail. Without the right system in place then the HA247 business would stop.

Nick Fox, Technical Director at HA247 explains why it was important to find a dependable internet infrastructure partner to work with, “being able to deliver secure managed hosting requires reliable and consistent communications, power delivery and technical expertise at the datacentre. I have been involved in the industry for over 15 years now and know that things don’t always run smoothly and having the correct team in place to resolve issues quickly is difficult to find. It was essential that we found a partner to work with who would be efficient and reliable.”

The Solution

Nick continued, “M247 were recommended to me as they could provide the exact solution that we needed. They provided us with robust connectivity and colocation and the excellent technical expertise to back it up. It is a fully resilient solution that meets our requirements. Over time and through experience we have really come to appreciate the high level of service received from M247.”

M247’s colocation solution offers the best highly reliable and high capacity network services, using the highest standard technologies which are carefully monitored in a multi-tier environment to ensure the best stability, security, speed and uptime. The service provided can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the customer and with HA247 this was essential.

M247 can guarantee secure facilities along with an industry leading quality management system and support function. Also, with a PUE of <1.2 achieved by an advanced eco-friendly cold aisle containment system, M247’s datacentres rate among the greenest and most efficient in Europe.

The Benefits

“Having worked with M247 for many years now we are really happy with the service and we get the reliable and consistent communications and technical expertise that we required. The connectivity, the power, the support, the security, everything we have got from M247 is excellent and they always meet our requirements.”

Dependent on the customer’s needs M247 can offer a range of support, HA247 can have 24/7/365 physical on-site access and a 24/7/365 remote hands service. M247’s on-site team is skilled in migration planning and on site engineering. Along with up to 80Gpbs of live internet connectivity, guaranteed security and power, HA247 do not have to worry about a thing.

Nick finished, “Having access to a datacentre manager and network manager to discuss anything we need is invaluable to us. If we ever have any technical issues, then they get resolved swiftly and the remote hands work is great. At HA247 we are continually growing and expanding the business and resource and we look forward to keeping up the close relationship with M247 throughout this.”